Through-bore Slip Ring for Cutting Machine

Cutting Machine is a small branch of the multifarious machinery. However small section it is, there are plenty of models that vary in specialties. The development of technology gives rise to the intellectualization of machines. These machines demand combined transmission of power and signal. Besides, many components call for 360°rotation. In order to enable constant and stable transmission of power and signal while maintaining rotations, slip rings are applied.

Through-bore slip ring

JINPAT Electronics is one of the very few established corporations in slip ring industry with over 20 years’ experience. JINPAT has devoted itself to independent research and development project for 17 years. Thanks to the constant efforts and industrious explorations, JINPAT has by far register 47 national patents, among which 6 are invention patents that rank top in the field. As an experienced slip ring manufacturer, JINPAT has mature 360°rotating transmission solutions designed for different machines.

Among JINPAT machine slip rings, the through-bore slip ring for its central hole design can be assembled with components like drive shaft. So, this series finds wide application in these machines. In this series, there are models that specialized in transmitting power while some others specialized in integrated transmission of power and signal. JINPAT through-bore slip rings are very flexible in that they not only can integrate over 30 signals like WireFire, CAN, USB, RS, Ethernet, control and video signals but also able to integrate gas and fluid channels and therefore satisfy 360°rotary transmission needs posted by the machinery industry at a full scale.

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